Tuesday, August 2, 2011


CARR note**The issue of rogue riding is not specifically mentioned in Siegel's informative piece. However with his suggestion that a scandal regarding statistics will erupt prior to his leaving office and that the problem for people who work for a billionaire is that "they think they are right" as well as the pattern and practice of advocating transparency and practicing stealth this issue fits in the pocket of Bloomberg's legacy IE; ego facet. The fact that summonses are issued for violations that the public has not been educated to deal with is a predatory practice. The indifference to public safety and allowing DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan to remain in office and employing Dep. Mayor Howard Wolfson to spin suspect studies and statistics is an indication that the managerial prowess that Bloomberg so loudly advertised is a myth. The emperor wears no clothes. If Cathie Black had not been summarily cashiered once Bloomberg's presidential ambitions had been quashed and he no longer was cultivating the media to the same extent he might have been willing to save face by 86ing JSK. But no-this out of town mayor has chosen to brazen it out-cavalierly sacrificing public safety and the common good to the whimsy, arrogance and presumed moral and logistical superiority of a radical org and zealous minority.
CARR note**

Citizen Bloomberg - Page 1 - News - New York - Village Voice

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3 days ago – After a charmed first decade in politics, Mayor Mike ...

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